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Active Fire Protection (AFP) systems are designed to detect fires and react automatically based upon certain trigger factors such as smoke and heat. The system is typically interconnected with the fire department to provide quick response times, and deploys itself in advance of firefighter arrival. Fire protection engineering involves the design of an integrated system consisting of alarms, lights, and sprinklers that can mitigate fire and smoke so as to allow occupants to evacuate and reduce the damage caused to property.


Designing the fire protection system can involve collaboration between engineers, architects, building owners and developers in the overall evaluation of the buildings’ safety and property protection goals. It often involves meeting the requirements of such issues as building age, its use or innovative design features. It must be reliable, functional, and perform as rapidly as possible especially when integrated with other systems such as sprinklers, smoke dampeners, and voice directives.


For example, if the building is also equipped with a sprinkler system, the fire alarm sensors will be integrated with the sprinkler system to call the fire department upon sprinkler water flow. ATLAS Design & Engineering Inc. consults and works closely with local fire departments to ensure full compliance and secure necessary sign-offs.


ATLAS Design & Engineering, Inc. offers a wide range of services in the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Structural Engineering design disciplines. Examples of our Fire Protection System Engineering design projects, as well as specific requests and any special circumstances met by our expertise, are offered here on our site.


We are available for any consulting needs you might have. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.

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