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Five High Tech Plumbing Solutions for Homeowners Structural Engineers Offer

Have you been searching for a plumbing company that knows about high tech engineering? When you need your hot water heater routed to an app on your smartphone or state-of-the-art structural engineering services to reroute your sink water to fill the toilets, we are the team you have been looking for. To get a better understanding of how structural engineering and design plumbers can help your home become part of the modern age, read through some of our past projects below.

Making your house into a smart home

There are several devices that are controlled by apps on smartphones that need to be installed by technicians in order to operate optimally. Among these, there are a few different types of smart home features that specifically focus on the plumbing, and we are happy to help you with streamlining the services. For example, there are apps that help to monitor water usage in your home as well as shutting the water heater on and off to save energy.

Space age epoxy pipe relining

One of the most exciting plumbing inventions over the past 40 years has been epoxy pipe relining. This revolution in plumbing started in Europe and quickly spread to Japan. After a considerable amount of time, it was fully tested to be nontoxic and effective, and America is the last frontier for this innovative plumbing technique. In fact, it has won the highest seal of approval because it is used by the US Navy for use in all of their buildings, ships and submarines. As the name implies, it is a piece of plastic that cures hard inside of a pipe within a couple of days. This means that there is no digging required or extreme renovation necessary in order to fully seal all of your pipes against any type of leak for the next 40 years.

Solar panels installation to operate plumbing

Solar technology is taking over America, and you can even have your plumbing heated with solar panels. Naturally, in order to make sure that the equipment is working effectively, a professional plumber will need to test to ensure that the water heater is getting enough juice. Once the tests have been confirmed, adding other forms of electricity to the network may be required.

Green technology for plumbing

Another environmentally friendly project that modern plumbers help with includes rerouting toilets. This means that water used for washing hands or dishes is rerouted to the back of the toilet through the pipes in the walls and a filtering unit. When the toilet is flushed, the soapy water is cycled through the toilet and out of the sewage drains. While there are many DIY instructions online for this type of project, the only way to ensure there are no leaks behind the wall is to have a professional plumber help you with the rerouting.

Get tax rebates for installing green plumbing accessories

The federal government is excited to offer tax rebates to homeowners that fill out the paperwork for certain types of environmentally friendly home improvement projects. Of course, in the fine print of these rebate programs, it says that a professional contractor is needed to help with some of these projects. Plumbers with experience in structural engineering and design also work with landscapers for water-saving irrigation designs or implementing anti-erosion techniques that allow a homeowner to go lawn-free.

Some examples found online of plumbing tax rebates for green home improvements offered on the city, state or federal level include the following:

  • Rain harvesting with barrels or cisterns

  • Green water heaters

  • Water meters

  • Shower shut offs

  • Low flow toilets

Let us help you with your high tech plumbing needs

When you need true professionals that have design and structural engineering experience, you want Atlas Design Engineering on your side. We can help you with plumbing for a new home design or solutions for renovating an antique home to have modern features. In other words, when other plumbers cannot seem to get the job done, it is time for the pros to take control. To get a better idea of what we have to offer or if you have a unique idea for plumbing, give us a call. Thank you in advance for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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