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What is a Plumbing Engineer?

Many people are familiar with the word "plumber", but when the words "plumbing engineer" are thrown into the mix they do not realize there is a difference. If you need a repair on something such as a toilet, sink, bathtub, etc. then the plumber is who you want to call. A plumbing engineer can do all of the things that a plumber does, but the plumbing engineer offers the next level of professionalism in the plumbing industry.

A plumbing engineer is trained to design the different plumbing systems that run throughout your home. Plumbing engineers are in charge of the safety of all of the plumbing while your house is being designed and then built. They are also in charge of making sure that the construction is done as efficiently and quickly as possible. These engineers pick out the best products for your house. The products they choose are of the highest quality and durability. They are responsible for making sure that they systems put in place will last long term. If you have a house that is heated using natural gas, they were most likely in charge of putting that into place as well.

The plumbing engineer's job takes place BEFORE and DURING construction, not after. It is not to repair what is broken. The engineer designs and then puts his designs into place using a highly trained team.

Plumbing engineers are also responsible for a number of other types of projects:

- They may design a stormwater safety system for public venues

-An engineer that specializes from protection in fire safety might work alongside a plumbing engineer to ensure that a new sprinkler system is put into place safely. The team also makes sure that this system will last for a long amount of time.

-A group of engineers could work together to create a huge sewer system for a brand new development of houses.

Atlas Design & Engineering

Plumbing engineers can do a number of different projects for a variety of customers. Atlas Design Engineering offers these services to their clients. They have done projects ranging from office buildings to HVAC projects.

Atlas Design & Engineering is what is known as a multi-disciplined engineering firm. They can do a variety of different types of projects but specialize in structural, mechanical, and electrical plumbing engineering.

They boast a highly trained support staff, along with an experienced group of team members which gives them the opportunity to complete all of the parts of the engineering design. Most of their workload comes from clients who have received their services and want to come back for more.

The clients love that the jobs are done correctly, under the given budget, and completely exactly on time. The teams and clients form a connection with other professionals that take part in the design. It is because of those relationships that the clients come back for years and years. The engineers work with contractors and inspectors in the area. This makes it easy to complete jobs for home additions and remodels, infills for tenants, and large commercial building projects.

Atlas Design & Engineering has been recognized numerous times for their work ethic and outstanding results. They have received the Best Engineering Design Project Award for their work for a commercial building in the healthcare field. This was awarded by the Lee Building Industry Association. The Summit Awards were created to show the excellence in the commercial building industry by the Commercial Contractors Council of the BTA. This awards program is different in that it gives honor to the Building Industry Association members who have gained an outstanding amount of success and professionalism within the field of commercial building.

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